wine-glass-clip-art2well right now apart from writing my semi-diary/blog thing at 2:00 a.m in morning i am busy in writing my project report and i am not feeling like sleepy at all but my whole body is practically screaming at me for sleeping.

actually i have to summit my project before 14 this month  so i am in full mode of report writing. today since morning i am sitting in front my laptop and i almost got heart attack when  few hours ago i accidentally deleted my today’s project work so i was just repeating whole thing again … so logically i am back at square one … ahh… days are becoming so hectic these days….

on sid’s birthday we went to very costly hotel and accidentally i ate fish there( i am pure veg. and till that day i never ate anything non-veg in my life ) … i was shocked !!! but red wine was mixed in our foods and due to its effect i was not able to feel anything.

it was my first time for red wine also … and well me and sid were thinking that red wine is good for concentration of course in small amount .. so we were thinking about consuming it in small fraction on daily bases because exam are coming and i really need something in order to increase my concentration power…

as i am going to graduate next year , this year me and my batchmates  have to give farewell to our seniors . so today we were discussing about it and believe me people in my batch are awkward … they don’t have any innovative ideas (i am not in them  because right now i am busy else i can really find very nice ideas related to party but i am not interested in my batch thing).

well when i came in college i was very good friend with my batchmates but all people were mean  , trisha is one of them … and right now i really don’t want to talk to them … according to my mom i am very innocent and in reality it is hard for me to understand someone’s hidden intentions and most of people take profit of my innocence….

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