adIs it possible for a guy to be jealous of a girl ? Well today I went for shopping with khushi (my friend) as she have to purchase some kurties (form of long top in india) as she was getting lot of stares from horny boys in my college whenever she was bending in order to take some things in her lab … 😉
So I left Sid alone so that he can do his work and all things . Me and khushi spend 5 hours in shoppingninoscaminando and brought lot of cute things with us …. 🙂 … This whole thing made my cute boyfriend uneasy because according to his claim whenever I spent time with khushi I tend to forget about him …Oh boy…

After that to compensate whole thing we went to nice restaurant and believe me there burger is definition of awesome ….
Right now he is sitting with me complaining me about how much time he have to spend on phone because of his clients…. Boring stuff for me … He have to take care of earning money because right now I am busy in spending it :-p.

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