After hours of spending in front of laptop screen finally i manged to complete my project report. Well me and my classmate Sam were doing project under same guide Mr.Bean. so, we are partners in the horrors we suffered from hands of our guide and because of this we know how to console each other after meetings with Mr.Bean. but somehow Sam thinks Mr.Bean likes me more than him ,well in reality i did more work than Sam, i finished my report way before him and according to Mr.Bean, Sam should learn how to make project report for me…
well we both kind praise each other in order to make other person feel better because due to Mr.Bean we both are feeling low many times.
girl_reading_a_book_while_laying_on_the_floor_0515-1002-0104-0834_SMUMe and Sam are good friends. Sometimes when i need some “friend time” then i talked to him. we discussed about our problems, we help each other in doing assignments and in friendly way we kind of care about each other…
Next week i have to give presentation in front of all professors for grads and last time it didn’t go well for me .
According to my friends, i am very good at giving seminars and i feel that if i will prepare well this time then i will be able to amaze all professors out there.
This semester i think i will get very good grads although i have to give endsem. exams also but everything is under control i guess…..

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