imageToday our teacher announced to take a quiz which will cover a big portion of my syllabus … This part is too big for me to study … When he told us about the quiz most of the students were practically screaming at him to reduce the course , during whole this drama I was sitting in my chair and observing my teacher and then I saw it !!! He was smiling at our condition …this whole scenario was making him feel like god and he was enjoying every bit of it .
Today I had some work at bank so I grab Sid ( my boyfriend) and went for this little road trip in afternoon … That time he didn’t have his iPhone and whole time he was worrying that he again lost his iPhone like the last one … I was planning to go to supermarket … I am shopaholic . Whenever I entered in a mall , suddenly everything seems to be necessary for my being and I end up purchasing tonns of things which turned out to be not to be so useful afterall . When I was single I always had some money restriction but due to Sid that restriction is gone …image
So I went to mall to purchase say item x but end up purchasing item A to Z , completely forgetting about x . Sid make fun of me about this fact but what can I do I am like that .
My last class got cancelled which I was planning to bunk anyway.
I watched chikipedia for some time and it is ok for time pass.
Planning to read some books of dan brown ..

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