Well after losing too much money in forex trading I am kind of getting repulsive to it … But I think Sid is getting addicted to this thing … We lost most of money due to his decisions and after some time I got irritated and accept the condition as it is because he is not going to listen to me in this matter … Really some time this guy get on my nerves …
I completed my project report before anyone in my class and now I have time to study for exams …. About Sid’s exam , I don’t know what he is doing … He is good at some things and earn lot of money but he fails in exams …. I really don’t know how he will graduate …
imageWell me and Sid found out that whenever I wear skirt or something good, Trisha also tends to wear something like that …. I really hate this girl a lot and Sid is not reason for it …. Her selfish nature , bitchy behaviour and lot of things are there which makes me feel like vomiting whenever I saw her face …. She looks so innocent yet there is dumb devil inside her ….
Well right now I have to activate my study mode because I really to get very good grades in this semester … I worked hard for it but Sid is the main reason behind it …
Sometimes he works like inspiration to me …. He is so dedicated to his work and so good at whatever he does … Well there are lot of other reasons apart from his handsome face for loving him.
He is the best person I ever met … Is I am falling deeply in love with him …?

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