Party with friends

Hen party! Funny friends for your designWell Sid went to his hometown to meet his sister. Initially I was sad and at the airport same scene of tears and goodbyes happened…. Normally i don’t like to show my weakness to anyone and somehow to me tears are sign of mental weakness…  It’s hard to explain my feelings whenever me or sid goes home … somehow it becomes difficult to breath, I feel some awkward kind pain in my chest  and by default tears starts streaming from my eyes….  meaning of the phase “Heavy heart ” is kind of understable to me now… and after going home like always I forget everyone… I does love to go home… i enjoy time with my brothers…. Cooking with mom … i like to  offer first bite of whatever I cook to my father then waiting to hear his comment whether it is tasty or not… I love seeing my mom’s collection of bangles (she loves them) and all …. Maybe it is difficult to part me from my family ….

Somehow Sid never understands my love for my family …to him all relatives are …. Well…. well….. I was not planning to write all this…

So as Sid went home …. Now I am kind of free to meet all my friends and all …. One of my friend got admission in some awesome place so she gave us party!!!!

I went there …. there I saw lot of people from my  batch who are in different branch than me ………

In my first year I used be very shy girl … that time I was not comfortable to talk to boys … but with my girl friends I used to party_party_221445enjoy alot …. I love climbing trees and used to kind of emotionally blackmail my friends to go with me to explore the forest kind of thing near my college…

That time I had crush on a boy …. So  whatever I never interacted many boys that time … so never knew anything about my classmates ..

but yesterday I enjoyed party alot…. it feels like they were my partners in this long journey … we shared lot of moments together .. i don’t know somehow I feels proud to be with them in this journey…. we know everything about everyone …. know how to tease …. and my friends told me that i am not changed (I used to think that I changed alot … ) I still makes everyone laugh  but I am more open minded now….

They still says I am not mature … hey who said I want to be mature ;-)… I really don’t want to become adult …. that is boring…..

Today I am planning to go to shopping with jalak and ya…. she kind broke up with other senior but for now she decided to stay single for some time…

I am planning to sing in group during upcoming republic day…

And one part of my mind kind of starts wishing to force sid go home more often :p.

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