My Banana ride experience

I love Goa! Till now I and Sid visited goa for 2 times. The first time we went to attend “Sunburn Festival” and the second time was just honeymoon kind of trip. I enjoyed the second one the most, but not just because of honeymoon part but because we did a lot of adventurous activities there. Oh God, I am getting goosebumps just thinking about those :).

We went to Goa in March, keep in mind whenever you take a trip to Goa that the best time you enjoy everything goa have to offer is from November to may after that monsoon season come and monsoon season is not that good there but hotels give the huge discount that time.

The first day I and Sid just strolled around to see all the activities taking place near Anjuna beach( and the fact that I was on last day of the period to do anything). It is really heavenly feeling just laying in a nice beach chair, eating and drinking great food(be sure and check reviews of different eating places) and just feeling cool evening air. While eating things I saw different activities there, like banana boat, boat riding, parasailing, jet skiing etc. I thought about all these things next day and to be honest all these activities looked easy and fun that day, oh boy I was in so much trouble next day!

As usual, we slept till late next day, after today washing and brushing stuff we ate the best pancake I ever ate near our hotel room (sorry I forget the name of that restaurant) and reached the beach using shortcuts in afternoon. Everything is in full swing there! I and Sid searched for any agent or person organizing these activities.

Goa people are very nice and friendly in nature, we meet one person there he explained all the activities and their prices to us properly. I was a little bit scared for Sid as he doesn’t know swimming (although I don’t have experience in the sea) but that person assures me that we will not drown as we will be wearing life jackets. After paying we decided to do banana boat riding first.

Banana boat was attached to a motor boat via a rope, 7-8 other people were riding with us including 2 professional person who knows swimming. Everything was running smoothly and suddenly after covering approx. 1 km in sea, the professional person asked us whether we were ready to be thrown into sea… everybody said yes but I was scared in my mind and when we were thrown into sea I went in full panic mode (although everyone was wearing life jackets) and frantically searching for Sid, and when I didn’t see him I was yelling at the event guy for finding my husband… and the most amusing thing was Sid was just behind me in some distance but were not able to hear me due to the wind.

Then all of us tried to climb to banana boat but I was not able to climb properly due to my out of shape condition it is kind of similar to sitting on horse putting leg both side) and when Sid tried to climb on the boat due to his weight again we were all thrown into the sea again but this time Sid was under boat and I was in crying like condition (and all this time I was thinking that it was looking so easy yesterday).

Finally, somehow we climb on the boat properly including Sid and reached the shore. After the initial shock, I was happy and then become confident and enjoyed other activities greatly (I am planning to do banana boat riding again on my next trip to Goa!)

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