dreamstime_xs_7882410-e1388587214743When I was in middle school , I always had many fantasies related to unknown people for example I wanted to meet some person via chat and fall in love with him or somehow helping some lonely guy or girl that type of thing and all or just have someone to listen ..
Life was really too simple that time, I really want to live those moments again ….
Well I am from typical middle class , conservative Indian family … I have lots of cousins and two sweet brothers of my own . When I was small I used to live in village with my uncle-aunts from my father’s side and those people love me a lot and of course my parents love me…
4029R-72497Everyone expects hell a lot from me related to my so called “bright future”… Sometimes I really feel very lonely among all these people , it feels like to be alone in middle of big crowd. Due to my respect or say generation gap I was never friendly with my parents (although they always say to treat them as friends but they never acted like one) and due to some of my childhood incidents I was kind of always tried to stay away from guys but my best friends are my brothers and I kind of share lot of things with them.
I somehow have tendency to get detached from persons very easily .i am in college right now .
And yes I have a boyfriend . He is everything a girl can want (except long list of girlfriends ) but for the first time in my life I feel like I can pour heart in front of someone and he is not going to stab me in my back .i really love this guy a lot . He is my best friend and my parents don’t know about his existence in my life and for some time I want to remain it in that way ..

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