Love story

couple-cartoon-7-26Well Sid can never agree with me on this point but I do posses power of manipulating people in my life … For example I didn’t study too much for my project but give my guid Mr. bean the illusion that I studied lot of things :-p I know what are the things which effects people around us which leads to their submission in my demands πŸ™‚
But Sid is i think only person who never get easily manipulated and in turn he create awkward situations which leads me to do whatever he wants ( not bad things … Things which are good for me )… For example let me share my cute love story with you… How we proposed ?
Ok here how it happens …
I am very conservative in nature and never had boyfriend in my life and I never wanted one …so708238__cartoon-wallpaper-couple-cute-cartoons-wallpapers_p
Once upon a time there was a happy cute girl who was proposed many times only by her “juniors” when she was in school , then she came to college and then it started . Her Prince Charming Sid was boyfriend of her so called friend Trisha .
Well in India having boyfriend is very big issue so Trisha wanted to hide the fact that she have a boyfriend due to this reason she can’t meet Sid in public alone . she convince Sid to talk to innocent me so that when me and Sid start hang out in future she will go with us .Well I didn’t know anything about this . If I like some person everyone will know about this because I not good at hiding and I don’t like to hide my feelings . Me and Sid become best friends , Trisha got jealous and after some time they broke up and Trisha got new boyfriend ..
I know I am bad but I never knew about the existence of their relationship although Sid told me about them but not total thing cause Trisha told him not to tell anything to me .
Well after that or say much before that he got feelings for me and according to him due to my ” hitler dad ” he never told me .love-couple-cartoon-anime-dancing-94230 Then he started kissing me on my cheek well initially I thought that it is normal to kiss your friend on cheek ( I told Sid many times about it but every time he told it is normal ). Then I don’t know why but I got sudden urge to kiss him on lips , I wanted to know how it feels ( I never kissed anyone in my life before this ) Then one day I told him and we kissed ,we proposed each other and after one year with him I am grateful that kiss happened… πŸ™‚
About Trisha …. She got new boyfriend and still flirting with boys . She started acting bitchy towards me so I stopped talking to her . Well she never mattered in my life , she is not important to me …
I am happy with my friends ,family and Sid .. πŸ™‚.

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