It’s my life !!!

imageSince I am in my last year of college my father wants me to apply for lot of jobs. He thinks in this way I will save my time to get settled in life. Well upto some point he is right, in his life time due to early marriage and other things he was supposed to find a job as soon as possible but that constraint is not here in my case. Before meeting Sid my aim of life was simple … Get a good job!!! I was living to complete my parents dreams But ever since I meet Sid my way of thinking is changed, now I want to think about my dreams also.
I don’t know for how long I am going to live but I don’t want to waste my years in order to live the way I am expected. I don’t want to get married for at least 5-6 years , I don’t want to have children early because right now I am a child too… I want to see the world, want to see beautiful places which I saw in Google images or books… There are so many things to see or do …. I want to be free…

But I am not allowed to live MY LIFE in MY WAY … My parents will try or force me to have some good job ( you know emotional blackmailing about how much money, time and everything in there life they spent on us ) after this my parent will try to find some guy for me to marry and I am supposed to accept the guy they choose for me without any question..
Come on this is so bad that I am not able to choose the person I want to spend rest of my life… If they come to know about Sid they will forcefully marry me with some person.
I know right now I am not mature but this doesn’t mean that they should pick some guy for me … I think they should wait till when I feel like I am mature enough to find guy for myself … I know mistakes are part of our being but it wrong to stop making choices due to fear of mistakes …

imageI love Sid and I think I am ready to spend my whole life with him… I know we have to make some compromises in order to be with each other … We are bound to fight and forget but I will be happy with him … He is my other half and I know no one can never take his place …
I love him and it is not possible for me to marry someone … I don’t know how to tell my parents about him…

My parents are good people, they always loved me but I think it is curse to be born in India … Mine and sid’s caste are different … This fact never bother us but I know this will be going to be the reason of my parents of refusal.
And I love both my parents and Sid..

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