imageLast night I watched movie da Vinci code and now I am more than eager to read all books of dan brown . Plot of this movie was so good … Well I kinda of write blog before going to bed but due to movie I was feeling too lazy to even think about anything let lone write ….
But when I woke up in morning I saw my mobile and come to know that someone commented on my blog
” No posts today ? I am loving your stories.”
Well this comment make my day and I was more than willing to write something …:-)

Today me and Sid watched movie ” the rush “… It’s good movie to watch .image
After two days i.e. on Monday we have holiday due to a Indian festival called holi… I love this festival … In India we have lot of festival but I like holi and Diwali most…
In holi we throw dry colours , coloured water or gel kind of things on each other and eat lots of sweets .
imageIn first year of my college me and many girls from my college went to boys hostel to play holi . When we reached there I saw that lots of boys with teared shirts roaming here and there and other boys engaging tearing each other’s cloths , putting colours … Some of them are lifting up our teachers and putting them in a pit in which they put egg, tomato,toothpaste and lots of semi liquid things mixed with soil …. Talk about revenge 😉
Well when boys saw that girls are here ..some of my classmates went to there room and come back with fresh t- shirts in order to hide there bones or fatty stomach from our view but due to there traitor friends their fresh t – shirts were ruined … I was quit enjoying the show myself when someone came from behind and put lot of I don’t know which colour at my mouth , hairs …thanks god I was wearing a dress which I was planning to dump …
Then they were throwing water , colours on girls and that’s how colour war between girl and boys started … When boys run out of colour they bring eggs and tomatoes to throw at us … Finally when me and other girls returned to girls hostel we came to know that water tank is empty and due to some problem in pipes there are no chances of getting water for 2-3 days … And on this day one of my evil professor decided to take a quiz … Well we somehow managed to postponed the quiz … And for bath … Well we went to our institute building with buckets and took bath their trying to scrubbing colours from skin …
This year my friends are asking me about going to boys hostel to play holi but next day after holi I have to meet my guid and have to give quiz … 🙁.

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