Gossip girl

Let me tell you some secret … Well generally all of my friends trust me with there secrets and sometimes it becomes hard for naughty me to keep things in my stomach … Come on I am a gossip girl after all !! 😉image
Ok … Here our secrets kind of revolve around boys …no lesbians are here …
Well before Sid I had lots of crushes and sometimes my friends become seriously worried that I will never become serious with anyone in my life … Well I was young that time ( younger than now 😉 ) and what is wrong there to have a secret crush on someone at least this proves that I was not lesbian …
From starting I don’t know but I had this awkward pull towards juniors boys ( age , class difference should not be more than one year )… I never liked seniors whoever he maybe and somehow I was not comfortable with boys in my class … ( ya..ya … Sid is one year junior to me )
Well today I want to share secret about my friend khushi …. Well she is kind of into senior boys I don’t know what she sees in them … Her last boyfriend was a senior and believe me he was total jerk , he leave khushi heartbroken …
And now again khushi is going out with some who is way much way older than us … Well she is my friend I have to support her but she has this magnet to attract awkward boys towards her … Sid says that khushi is desperate for boys and goes out with anyone but I know she is not like that …. Why guys always think that all things are related to sex only … Come on there are emotions too….

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