Day 1

03vitals.yawn.190Tick…tick…tick…. It’s 7:39 a.m ..why !!! I was soo tempted to sleep for another five minutes … Finally I decided to leave my comfy bed in order to get ready for my class …
In record time I somehow manage to brush my teeth , wash my face and be present at 8:00 class … I hate mornings , sometimes I really want to sleep for infinite time but in my college we have some policy to attend eight percent classes …
Well I call my lazy boyfriend who somehow due to some miracle decided to go to his room … He is workaholic and spent most of his time in front of laptop doing some stuffs :-p
Class was boring as usual and whole time I was stopping myself from falling sleep and after every 10 min. sir was yelling at us for studying some stuff from book in order to get marks .
k11474502After a long and steamy bath here I am in front of my wardrobe trying to pick my outfit for today …it’s very annoying .. First of all according to my bf I have hourglass figure due to which only certain type (costly) of cloths will look good on otherwise I will end up looking like a cow in front of everyone although I never mind it but my since I had my boyfriend I really want to look good for him . After trying 2-3 tops I choose t-shirt and skinny jeans and now I am ready to meet him 🙂
Whole day went as usual .
I am planning to make this blog , my dairy kind of thing ….

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