busy days…

i was busy in last days doing Forex trading, learning new things and all … i have to summit project report in 2 weeks and have to study a lot because my exams are coming .
1 scalesduring holi i send some of my “holi pics.” to my brother and after seeing all my photos my father and my brother both come at the conclusion that i am getting thin… so they were planning to make me fat when i will come home during summer holidays and my cute brother leaked these information to me 🙂
i am not very thin and put lot of efforts in order to stay in non-fatty state . somehow all girls except some in my class manged to become fat after coming here and all of us smartly put blame on our mess food :-p … well i used to eat lot of butter at my home and i don’t why but somehow my body manged to stay in slim shape whenever i go to home …in college this is different story… i usually don’t gain lot of weight but i am not skinny type of girl. village01
my father was telling me that we are growing some of my favorite fruits and vegetables in our farm in village and all things will be ready during my stay at home 🙂
we are going to give farewell to our seniors so tomorrow my whole batch is meeting to make this event grand …
Sid is getting worried because till now i haven’t use his name in this post :-p.

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