Blogging and page visit

imageFrom the day I started blogging .. I.e 4-5 days ago I was kinda of excited about the number of people visit my pages and was worried when number was not increasing more than 11 ( I am not sharing my blog via Facebook and all cause I want to remain unknown since it gives me freedom of writing whatever I want about life and all …) . Well Sid know my obsession with this page view and to impress me he did something which leads to 150 visits to my pages in single day o.O and I am not happy about it . What he did well he mentioned my web page as a sample for some work so whoever want to work for that project have to visit my site… Wow… How much he cares about me … Love you ..
But this thing is not making me feel happy it’s like having cheat code for your favourite game which leads to make game boring …
Tomorrow I have to meet my project guide and till now I haven’t study a single thing … Thinking of doing it in morning ( I am early morning bird )
I am getting addicted to this game kingdom and lords and spending hell lot of time playing it ..
Talked to my dad about going home stuff and we came at solution … I am going for say 2 weeks ...

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