Afford and risk

Sometimes I run
Sometimes I hide
But all I really need is time
Oh… I need time
5bikipdeyeumotconangbangtuoi-790a6Well these lines are really describing my situation right now … Right now I really need some time … More specifically break from my relationship with Sid … Well you can say that I am a cold hearted person because girls are dying to have boyfriend like him I on the other hand running away from him… I really love his ‘friend’ part … That time he didn’t cared about my matter … I was not the one hurting him … I love him too much but sometimes my angry issues got worst out of me ,I really don’t like to hurt him when I know there is a girl named Alisha who loves him more than me and she can’t hurt him…
When I was small child I never had things you called luxury… For example my parents never bought me toys during childhood … I already mentioned that I am from middle class family so my parents need money to buy books for me instead of toys …so I used to make dolls forms cloths to play ,for this purpose I required cloths which are in too bad conditions to wear and you know frequency of that is very low… So I was too attached to my dolls due unavailability of toys to play …
For these kind of small reasons I am kind of too attached to my things … I really can’t afford to lose them ( for financial as well as sentimental value ) …
Me and Sid are very different …, these difference are making things difficulties for us … He likes to take risk and I know he can afford them but I can’t take risk I can’t afford them …for example I brought my laptop three years ago that time it cost me k13378192around 40,000 INR … This much money was huge for my family and I know how my parents arranged that money … They kind of sacrificed there whole life for the wellfare of me and my brothers. They never thought about there requirements but requirements of there children is there top priority … I am really lucky to have parents like them …
So due to all these reasons I am very attached to my laptop ….
Now my laptop is not working so I was thinking to go laptop repairing shop for repairing … Sid know lots of things about computer and he claims that he can repair my laptop but I wanted it to done by some professional because people are experts in this field they know how to do things … I know from YouTube videos you can learn things but you can’t do better than expert person … Well he is not listening to me … According to him if something goes wrong he will purchase me new laptop … But I don’t want new laptop I love one I had … He is not understanding that I don’t want to take risks….

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3 thoughts on “Afford and risk

  1. The persons who are fixing are no smarter. 😛 Why should we give them money, cutiepie.. and at the last every time i fix your things 🙂 I love u na.. 🙂

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