5 pepper pizza

160_F_44821867_ESCDd0KUWdZaErs7jDz4a0LBtbAVXvqc“It’s 7:35 a.m and for taking total 8 hours sleep I have to sleep for thirty minutes more .” These are the thoughts when I was manipulating myself about taking more sleep 🙂 . I don’t know why but i have this habit of manipulating myself in doing things which are not logically right :-p
Actually yesterday I read somewhere that to grow my hair longer I should take proper eight hour sleep so I was trying to follow this routine.
So finally I woke up at around 11 . Sometimes it’s really hard to have your boyfriends ex as your roommate … Well I never planned it but Trisha , sid’s ex was my friend until she decided to leak few of my personal secrets to other girls … It’s awkward , she is pretty , tall and all those things which a guy wants in a girl and she also got a new bf then why she is all of sudden acting bitchy to me …
Well I saw serial name ‘prison break ‘ today and it really worth my time …
toonvectors-38333-140At 2:30 I had extra class of most boring subject in the world … What sir was teaching us I am clueless about it . It’s not that I am not serious about my studies it’s just I am not able to understand a single thing in this subject till now . Well sir stopped at 4:00 and after that me and Sid went to dominos to eat cheese burst 5 pepper pizza I really love this pizza …. It’s totally yum..yum… 🙂
After that I spent whole my time watching prison break thinking about studying ….

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