I said it

Yes there I said it !!!

I finally acknowledged my relationship with Sid in front of my parents. Well there reaction was hilarious, at first they were scolding me about thinking about some guy in that way…. they were saying that I broke their trust … I misused all the freedom they have given me … not once they asked me about why I am liking this boy… Somehow they went into denial and told me to concentrate on my studies …

I was crying like hell… they told me to stop talking to sid and all …. during this whole drama sid was clam …. he said me to wait for my parents to absorb this new information about their daughter…

but deep down in my heart I was scared as hell that what if this is end of my fairy tale with Sid and somehow telling them about Sid seems bad idea to me …. After around 2-3┬áhours of continuous crying, I got call from my father he told me to concentrate on my studies and he will manage things about marriage. He told me that he will not marry someone to me without my permission. He told me that first I should make great career without any distraction then all our family member will discuss about my marriage.

His advice seems logical to me as from his point of view good job will make me financially independent.

I don’t know whether he accepted Sid or not. But I think he didn’t reject him and maybe I should be happy with this for now as there is hope.

Before all this… I was thinking to tell my parents about Sid after getting a great job but due to my brothers information that my father is searching some boy boy for me I lost my control and told them everything.

I know right now they tensed are as hell as they don’t know anything about Sid and his family. They are tensed about my future…. and the thing is I don’t know how to decrease their tension is making me guilty. I love my parents a lot and if I will have a choice then again i will again choose to become their daughter.

I am really lucky to have so many good people in my life.



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