brave_meridaWell I am not that much say experienced to describe what is love ? but sometimes I think I have felt it in different forms

8 years ago me and my mother were going to market on my bicycle, she was sitting in back and I was driving. Suddenly a slop came and speed of my bicycle got increased so much that i was not able to handle it, as a result me and my mom fall down on road. My mother was behind me and there was lot of traffic on that day… the only thing she thought about at that moment was “somehow she should protect me”  and she pushed me off the road,  on the other hand I was not able to think anything at that moment due to shock. Somehow after this day I started to respect and love my mother more because she value my life more than her this is her pure love towards me and our whole family.

My father has some of his fault but he really does love me but somehow I don’t feel protected around him… Actually I usually don’t feel safe around any boy except my two younger brothers and Sid… these three boys are the only one I can ever trust, I can tell them anything but I choose to not tell my brothers about Sid and mine intimacy level :-p

With Sid things are really too good to be true. Sometimes I have to pinch myself just to be sure that all are real but I don’t  know how things will turn around for in future, either I will stay forever with  him in this beautiful dream or I will dream about this time all my life.

I know I have to be brave but it’s just too difficult to brave when the truth of your happiness can turn smiles of your loved ones into tears. All my cousin sisters are in love with someone but due to our family restrictions nobody is able to say anything about it … every year someone’s heart got broken and they are entering in marriage with ashes of their love. I just don’t know  how to be that brave…

I don’t know but can it happen that love of mother will suddenly vanish after knowing truth about sid or is it possible for my father to sleep without knowing that i am happy ?


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