Her Apology

When you have boyfriend like Sid , you are bound to have emotions of jealousy from the girls staring at him… Well many or say most of times I discussed about Trisha ,Sid’s ex in this blog.

Well she sent a apology message to Sid ….but why???  It’s been almost two years since me and Sid are in relationship … Why after two years she suddenly did that … Although she always shoots death glare to me , if looks could kill than I would have been dead person. Then why sudden behaviour towards Sid ?

imageI don’t know what  to feel towards this apology … Does she wants Sid to forget everything and come to her since she seriously lacks some “boys” to follow her around like a lost puppy( members of her admire group are either in relationship with some good girl or they got someone else to admire ). Well this sudden decrease in popularity leaves Trisha devastated since she thought that she can make anyone( of course boy) dance on her fingers and here no one is looking twice at her. Since all this happens after her breakup with Sid she held me responsible for her “boyfriend less” condition, well if she can loose jewel like Sid then why will anyone come to her . Sid is most handsome guy in my college and I  seriously don’t know why he loves me but I love him from my heart because he is the one every girl wishes for and I am  lucky to have him.


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