well sometimes it feels like a shit when my parents make me realize that my importance at my home is not more than a babysitter for my brothers.
i am kind of scared about my future , my studies , my grades and the only thing my father wants for me is to leave my summer course which can help me to graduate in time and teach my brother …
i really want to leave my home right now …. it feels that my parents no longer loves me …
they make me feel that i am burden for them and the only thing they want to do with me is marry me off to some guy… i know i am in relationship with sid for more than 1 year and he is only guy i want to and i will marry …
sid is the best guy i ever meet, and it is impossible for me to even think about someone else but for my parents “LOVE IS CRIME” and i will decrease there reputation in society if i ever commits this crime ….

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