imageWhen I was removing curtain from my window in morning I saw a lizard with a baby lizard hanging …. I hate lizards a lot and after calming myself …. No I was not able to calm myself and leave curtain as it is anyway who wants fresh air with lizards..
Got new haircut … I am looking good but my dream of long hairs going away from me , well you will think why I am so obsessed with long hair? … Actually till four years ago I had boy hair cut due to my mother … I am not tall in height so my mother thought that long hairs will stop my growth and seriously I had no clue that how human height and hairs are related ….
Let me tell you something related to my “relatives” ….image
Till age 3 I stayed with my tauji and taiji ( Indian terms for big brother of my father and his wife ) in village … they are sweetest person in whole world specially my taiji , she is soo innocent . Well my tauji married my taiji when he was 3 years old and my taiji was 12 years old ( yes this was arranged marriage and child marriage too … But in their time it was this way ) . Since my taiji was older than tauji , she tells me stories related to tauji and of course my father’s childhood … She tells us that after marriage how my father insists on sleeping with her ( my father was 2 years old) so that he imagecan listen lots of stories from her ….
My taiji is maybe 59 years old now but she kind of behaves like innocent child … She fears god and says very harsh words to people except me … Actually she says that I remind her of her daughter who died due to chicken pox ( that time it was that much dangerous ) .
My tauji is very intelligent man although he was not able to complete his studies due to family responsibilities but he encouraged my younger tauji and papa ( my father ) to complete their studies . I love talking to my tauji a lot …. Well i am kind of obsessed with Indian books related to origins of our gods and he is very knowledgable in these things …so our frequency matches 🙂
sometimes these two helps me to do childish things and laughs at my doubts related to village life … Because all of my family I love my village a lot but due to my fathers job and my studies we shifted to City but whenever I find time I go there to meet my roots …..

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