Sometimes you have to hide your love from people you care most, I have to hide it from my parents. Me and Sid do dreams about having a life together. “Marriage” name doesn’t matter to me, I can stay in live-in relationship with Sid forever. I really do love him.
Sometimes in my dreams my parents agrees about our marriage and we went on world tour, we died together.
I don’t want to live a day on this earth without Sid, it doesn’t matter if he is not with me because then I will have hope of meeting him someday. I never knew love was such a deep thing, it crosses the barrier of our bodies and makes our soul entangled. Was there ever two souls? It seems like we were parts of same one.
Recently I read a article related to “kissing in public ” thing. In India showing love towards your girlfriend/boyfriend is not seen as a normal thing. India is full of such orthodox, Girls are supposed to be Virgin before there marriage but boy can see other girls with lustful eyes even after marriage . Here marriage is a business, and mind it this is not a business of love.
I love someone and I want to marry him, what is wrong in that?
It’s my body and it’s my damn right to have sex with whoever I wants… Why this is a such a deal! Sometimes I think that it is normal for us to see guys without shirt and no one seems to bother about it but if some girl do the same thing then it’s bad.
Why ?
I have nipple so does boys … Mine are just bigger but why does it matter. Why breast are taken as a symbol of sexuality..

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