When I was in 2nd year of my college one of my junior told me about the site called wattpad. I am a book addict… and till now I have read hundreds of book but due to my behavior or i don’t know why but some of my classmates used to think that i am not a book reading type of person… sometimes i feel anger because of their judgement.

Well I somehow told my mother clearly that i will marry sid and only sid and if they tries to marry me off to some other guy then i will run away…

I know this is harsh but love is something which can make you do all short of things…

I really want to grow old with sid.

 Right now I am attending a coaching institute in order to prepare better for job  exams and there i  made some new friends. I don’t know why but i always  end up in group of three friends. Here also i  meet sonia and seema. Sonia is  30 year old married woman. Sonia married her boyfriend anukur who  was  older brother of her friend.

 They were happily married for last 6 years but due to anukur’s mother they  staying separate now. Anukur’s mother wants some grandchildren in her  house but due to some complication it is difficult for sonia to get pregnant hence anukur’s mother is trying everything in her power to separate these two but the most shocking thing is that anukur doesn’t have backbone to stop his mother from making sonia miserable.

Guess what I think sonia loved wrong person.

My second friend seema is very innocent girl who remainds me of myself when i was in my teenage. She have two older brothers and wants to go somewhere away from family because somehow they are suffocating her with there extra love. She want freedom. Apart from this it’s been 1 month since i have seen sid face to face I am missing him alot. We talk daily on skype or phone but I miss holding his hand , kissing is lips and everything… sometimes when my parents make me feel miserable about sid (according to them I have done some sin by falling in love with sid ) I miss his comforting hug and things he always do to make me smile again…


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