One Day

Cartoon - BoredomIt was simple One day when out of my boredom I decided to open my FB account (well all of my friends were busy with their summer projects and i kind of watched all serials in my collection) and that time a guy named Sid was Online ,I heard lot of stories about Sid from my classmate Sumit… According to Sumit , Sid is genius in computer and he have a vast collection of hard drives with lot of Serials… So I don’t know why but this was how all things started (chat … my emotions or things i were thinking that time will be in bracket) :
Me : hi

(I don’t know but i wanted to talked to someone that time and no one else was online … it’s not like i was hunting for bf … i was just feeling lonely)

Sid: hi

Me: Your in clg right now …..?

(Suddenly i realized that i wanted to watch serial “the tudors” and it will take lot of time to download four seasons so i thought if Sid have them then i will take it from him… but i was feeling guilty that i am talking to him first time and directly asking for something )

Sid: Nope I am in x clg doing summer project… do you want something ?

Me: yeah but if you are not here then .. leave it

Sid:No tell me .. i can still do it

Me: Actually i wanted this serial called “The tudors”… Do you have it on any of your hard drive … i heard about you from my friend sumit …?

Sid: No i don’t have it on my harddrive but there is a guy called ronny i will ask him .. he will definitely help you πŸ™‚

(I was feeling very guilty that time)

Me: ok … Who is he…?

1This how our story started (mine and sid) of course there were lot of twist and turns but i think i did found my other half πŸ™‚
Sometimes I wonder how can someone comes so close to me that i am able to trust him and can tell anything , everything to him …

and seems impossible to stay without him….

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