Till now in my whole life I was never got jealous of anyone … I never tried to compare myself with someone else … I never wanted to become someone else …
But things are changing now
imageWell I am very very bad dancer and I am really too shy to show someone my weird dance moves… I always wanted to learn dance but due to my studies I was never able to do so. Well I never complained about it but we had dj night tonight in my hostel .. All girls were dancing … Sid’s ex Trisha is a wonderful dancer. I always love her dancing but tonight it was different , today I was jealous of her … I wanted to dance like her not like her I want to dance far better than her … I don’t know but this awkward type jealousy is consuming me … I am felling that slowly I am becoming just like her .. I am no imagelonger able to recognise myself…. I love myself a lot and I am hating these changing … And the thing which I am hating is the fact that reason of these dark feeling is Sid …
I sometimes wishes that I never meet him … Of course I love him but due to him I am trying to become like a person contradicting my fundamental be believes. I don’t want to become a bad person but it’s like he is pushing me to become one … I somehow feels the urge to prove myself …
I was satisfied with my life … I never wanted anything my life now all I see is half empty glass..

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