imageI usually like to wake up at morning , do some jogging and kind of keep my daily routine organised but for some reason I kind of failing to do so …
Well I woke up at 7:57 a.m and by some miracle somehow managed to present at 8 o’clock class .. It was my personal record to get ready at such short time . I sometimes seriously think about bunking classes but to protect my sincere student image I end up attending most of classes .
Well today all my classes was really good and I managed to meet Mr. Hall for my project .
After lot of tries to prevent split ends I failed … I really want to have long hairs but now I have to go salon to cut my imagehairs… Well thinking about getting some different hair cut right now … Due to my hairs I read lot of articles related to hair care which was no use for me due to lack of my ignorance .. I thinking of going to some doctor to get some serum or something to get healthy hair 🙂
Me and Sid got into fight … Not fight actually I am kind of insecure about myself… Not about our relation and I really want best for Sid .. I really love him a lot ..
I think I was wrong … Well what happened..
imageI think I am kind of very possessive about Sid … And in past he had lot of girlfriends/ friends with benefits kind of thing … I know these things should not matter to me since we are in stable relationship for almost more than one year and he never make me to feel doubt about him or our relationship … I trust him …
But well his ex gf’s were very hot , beautiful but I am just an ordinary girl .. On the other hand Sid is extremely good looking guy … I don’t know why he love me … But sometimes I feel like I am not a good match for him … He is so good at his work and know what he wants in his life …but till now I am confused about my goals I don’t know what I want ..I am still figuring it out …his ex gf’s are also very good at studies and all … Due all these reasons I feel bad about myself and really hate this feeling …. And in last all anger burst out on Sid and poor guy ..didn’t had a clue why I am so pissed … I don’t know what to do ..? God it feels good to write all things
We are ok now but I don’t want to hurt him … I love him a lot ..

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