imageToday I was supposed to summit one assignment for most boring subject in world … Although subject is boring but teacher is interesting 😉
Well this teacher came to my college two years ago … At that time ( now also ) he looked like a phd guy and for few days I was confused and believe me that time he was enjoying our confusion because some times my classmates especially me make fun of teachers when we are alone in classroom … He is a very good person , excellent player in almost every sport and did have lot of knowledge about his subject…. According to me he have fittest body in my college ( he is not bulky … But I don’t know he looks solid to me ) . I respect him a lot … He is like big brother to me … Awkward me … Turing teacher into brother ….:-p
imageSid also have good body and when he is not walking with me …. Means when he goes to some store and I wait for him nearby …. I really love to ogle his body …. And I must say he does have very good backside … 😉 and yes he do have muscles
He have very broad shoulder and I don’t know … I love everything about him … Starting from his pentagon shape nose to fatty stomach …
I don’t want to exchange him with anyone … In my dreams also he is the only one I want … Is I am Turing insane …. ?.

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