registerwhen i was a child life was so simple … only two type of person was there in my small world good and bad … that time i was unaware about the presence of shade grey …
well i went to a shop to return some things i purchased from there yesterday and well that guy behave so rudely that i came out of that shop with tears in my eyes … that time i wished that some knight in armer comes and punch this evil guy in front of me …but welcome to reality … there are no fairy tales here … only you can save yourself from this misery …. only you have to complete your fight …
it was not the loss of money that hurt me ,you can always earn money …it was the crying_school_girl_photo_sculpture-r1a3dd6a7df114ac59d37281832fb9a3e_x7saw_8byvr_512feeling of being alone … he was bad guy he didn’t had the sense of talking … i really want to cry all over again about the things he told me …how can someone behave so rudely when all i was doing is talking politely to him … i never wished anyone bad in my life and i really can’t wish bad for this guy cause he do have a family and if something bad happens to him or his shop will only cost to his family
maybe i was wrong … maybe i should have listened to him …. maybe…
sometimes it feels like only thing i am giving to people around me is burden… maybe i am not fit for this world … i don’t want to do anything … getting awkward type of sad thoughts ….

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